Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tribal Sunday

Sundays in my family are so great! Every Sunday morning my dad cooks me, my mom, and oldest sister (because we live at home) breakfast. And let me tell you my dad is the best cook I know!! Then my sister who has six kids and one more on the way comes over, and we all hang out. Now I'm not going to lie, it gets really crazy with so many people running around but that’s what makes it so fun.

I always opt for comfortable outfits on Sundays because there is so much going on. This tribal maxi dress was the perfect choice!

Hat; F21. Sunglasses; Target. Necklace & Earrings; F21. Bracelet; Thrifted. Dress; Gifted. Belt; F21. Purse; Thrifted. Shoes; American Eagle.

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